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With [Admin]->[Tools]->[Update] a system update can be performed.


The ‘System Update’ adjusts the system tables to the new version of LIMBAS. After an update of the LIMBAS Core, one will automatically be redirected to this menu, to perform the update. Updates are managed in the table ‘LMB_DBPATCH’. Each update has a version number, and can be run only once. The version number of the core in ./limbas_src/lib/version.inf must match the version number of the latest updates in the table ‘LMB_DBPATCH’. If the ./limbas_src/lib/version.inf file does not have write rights, the version number must be adapted to the latest version manually. The update script is located in the path ./limbas_src/admin/UPDATE/up_x.php. Usually just one update script per major version exists which includes all minor versions.

The version number is composed of four values “x 1. x 2. x 3. x 4” with the following meaning:

  • x1 – Main – release number -> increased after serious extensions
  • x2 – Minor – release number -> increased after minor extensions
  • x3 – Version of the LIMBAS system tables in the database → increased for bug fixes
  • x4 – Subversion Revision number of the source code → increases with each modification of the source code
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