Revision Manager

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With the revision manager, the solution developed with Limbas can be versioned. For tables, not individual records are versioned, but only the structure of the table.

It stores the complete solution, so:

Create Revision

Version numbers are continuous in the format <Revision>.<Version>. When creating a version, you can only choose between the current revision and the following one. The version is automatically added by the system.

The version can also be described with a comment.


In the history all versions with date, version number, comment and version of the Limbas cores are listed. The created versions can be compared both with the current state of the system (left icon) and with each other (right icon). The comparison can take several seconds.

Here, version 1.2 was compared with version 2.1. In the comparison you can see twice that the table importanttable was created. The upper entry shows that the table has been created in the database, whereas the lower entry shows, that the table also exists in Limbas. The comparison can be downloaded as an HTML file.