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This feature automatically restricts displayed data records based on time periods. When the ‘Validity’ option is enabled for a table, the columns ‘LMB_VALIDFROM’ and ‘LMB_VALIDTO’ are created automatically. These columns can then be filled out for each data record like other table fields. The button at the top determines which time period is currently displayed. Alternatively, this can be set via ‘View > Show Valid’. If no validity period is set for a data record, it is always considered valid.

In table settings


If both tables have the ‘Validity’ option enabled, the top button determines the selection from both tables, filtering linked records in the detail view as well. It’s different if only one of the tables uses the validity option.

If Table A is linked to Table B, with the ‘Validity’ option enabled for A but not for B, you cannot currently select the validity period for a record in B from the detail view. However, only the records linked and valid “today” will be displayed (it is recommended to enable ‘show all’ in the settings). As an alternative, you can use the link view instead of the detail view (by clicking once on the linked field). There, you can set the validity period as usual.


When both ‘Validity’ and ‘Versioning‘ are active, a record must be valid over a continuous period across all versions. It is not possible to omit a period or choose an overlapping period between two versions of a record. The table automatically displays the version of a record that is valid for the selected period, but in the detail view, it is still possible to view all versions.

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