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Folder Structure

How It Works

All files uploaded in the DMS are stored in the same directory (‘/ UPLOAD’) with a hash as the filename. The folder structure as described e.g. in the file manager, does not exist physically on the server, but is generated by LIMBAS virtually from the database. This makes files justifiable and easy to link.

Physical / virtual file names, Mimetype, etc. are managed via the system table ‘ldms_files’, the virtual folder structure is generated from the system table ‘ldms_structure’.

Adaptation for remote file systems

Do you want parts of the upload directory – but not the entire directory- e.g. To a NAS, LIMBAS can be set to store all files of a particular virtual folder together in a physical folder. To do so, a folder ‘/UPLOAD/STORAGE/’ with any name must be created in the directory.
A Super-Admin has to select the created folder via the menu Extras‑>Settings‑>Storage folder’ in the appropriate virtual folder in File Manager

LIMBAS will automatically move the physical files from the corresponding virtual folder, with all its virtual subfolders, from the upload directory to the created subfolder in ‘/UPLOAD/STORAGE/’ (this may take some time depending on the number of files). To a NAS can be mounted.

DMS System Tables


This table contains a record for each uploaded file. For each file,

  • the folder containing this file (foreign key on ldms_structure),
  • the virtual filename,
  • the secret physical filename (‘/UPLOAD/<secname>’), and the Mimetype of the file (foreign key on lmb_mimetypes).


This table contains exactly one record with the same ID for each record in ldms_files. Here, the metadata of the files, e.g. Creator, Title, or Creation Date.


In this table, the rights are stored for each group (lmb_groups) and a folder (ldms_structure). Filters can also be used to authorize individual files.


For each user (lmb_userdb), this table contains the folders/files that he has added to his favorites.


This table represents the virtual folder structure in LIMBAS. Each virtual folder has a data record, the name of the folder, and the ID of the parent folder.

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