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In order to address as many printers as possible via a standardized interface, Limbas uses the Druckersystem, which must also be installed on the server. All printers you want in Limbas must be created there.

Limbas Configuration

Printers created in CUPS can be added in Limbas under Admin -> Setup -> Printers with their own name, which is displayed to the user. The printer marked as Default is preselected by users.

By clicking on the gear icon, the settings supported by the printer can be adjusted. If a standard value is already set in the printer, this is indicated in Limbas by a star in front of the value. If no value is selected, but the respective field of a setting is left empty, the printer will take the default value.

To order the print, Limbas uses the command lp. All supported options can also be entered in the field selected config.

Global Configuration

Limbas uses the following commands, to address the CUPS-Server:

  • lpstat for reading out available printers,
  • lpoptions to list supported options and
  • lp, to order documents for printing.

With the environment variables lpstat_params, lpoptions_params respectively lp_params additional options for the commands can be defined.

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