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After selecting the type of system jobs, the screen display breaks down into:

  • Display of the already adjusted periodic system jobs
  • Setting the timing for further periodic system jobs
  • Configuration of the selected or a new system job
  • The corresponding entry in the LIMBAS system table “lmb_crontab”, whose system job entries…

The periodically performed system jobs are started via cron. For this purpose, it is necessary to have:

  • a corresponding entry in the Crontab
  • a corresponding entry in the LIMBAS system table ‘lmb_crontab’

Cron starts, at the set time, a script that takes the call for the system job from the LIMBAS system table.

Types of system jobs


Cron executes the defined .job-file placed in the Extension_Editor. The template thus offers the user the ability to execute his own scripts (e.g. converting all currencies depending on the exchange rate).


This executes the full text search for all files located in selected directories and saves all words in the tables lmb_indize_* . This will only be available for field types where indexing is enabled (cf. Field Types).

supported file types

Before indexing, LIMBAS must convert the files to text (using e.g. the tool pdftotext for pdf files).

To convert other files than pdf and text files to text in LIMBAS, you have to use Apache Tika.

To convert other files than pdf and text files to text in LIMBAS, you have to use Apache Tika.

activate Apache Tika in the environment variables (indize_tika)


This enables the optical character recognition for all files in selected directories. ocr isn’t included in LIMBAS and has to be installed externally.

Add periodic system job

In order to add a periodic system job in LIMBAS you will need the time at which the system-job should be started (Explanation of syntax, see or

When clicking on ‘Add Job!’ LIMBAS generates the corresponding entry in the LIMBAS system table ‘lmb_crontab’, using the provided settings. The system job entries of the ‘lmb_crontab’ are displayed above the ‘Add Job’ button. Below the headline ‘Crontab Value’ you see the entries for periodic system jobs.

These will NOT automatically be executed by LIMBAS. You need to write them into Crontab yourself!

To avoid incorrect settings, it is useful to test a new Crontab entry in the Terminal window and then enter it in the Crontab.

For some jobs it is necessary to have all session and environment variables available. This is only possible if the job is started via an existing LIMBAS user. In this case, the user’s rights will also apply.

The following shell call starts the job of the ID 3 and logs in as user ‘crontab’ with the password ‘password’:

php "/var/www/html/openlimbas/dependent/cron.php" "3" "crontab" "password"

If the job requires no Limba environment variables, the call can look like this:

php "/var/www/html/openlimbas/dependent/cron.php" "3"

Remove periodic system job

When clicking on ‘delete’, the selected system job will be removed.


The history gives information about type and time of all system jobs.


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