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LIMBAS processes and stores all the information in its own system tables. These include not only the Environment variables, but also all Tables and Field Information, User Rights, Reports , Forms, Language data and so on. All this data is calculated once per user, after the login and stored in the PHP session. Depending on the scope of the application, the session can be different in size and require different calculation time. Once the data is stored in the session, system performance is faster. If a new session doesn’t need to be created every time you login the previously created session can be used instead. This can be selected in the User Settings. Note that changes made in the System, are only available with a new session (e.g. a new table or a new field). The above is also valid for the administrator that made the changes. He will only be able to see his changes after deleting his current session. This measure is intentional to prevent a session being deleted after each click, as this would result in unnecessary long responds times. Every user can create a new session by using the RESET Function in the Main Menu top right. No sign off required.

If the ADMIN wants to delete the sessions of all users that are currently logged in (without them noticing), he can do this by using the System Function.