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The displayed list of color schemes can be expanded or modified: The user can select any of these color schemes. Color schemes are defined in ([Admin]->[User/Groups]->[Administrate]).

The list of color schemes shown here can be supplemented or changed as desired. The users are offered a color scheme selection based on this list.

You enter the color values with the hexadecimal number system according to the pattern #RRGGBB for the mixture of the primary colors red (RR), green (GG) and blue (BB).

The terms “WEB1”, “WEB2”, … don’t give any indication what they are used for (e.g. font or back ground color ). The colors applied are defined by the Layout. This defines the appearance of LIMBAS screen elements using CSS.

To ensure proper display, please pay attention when choosing the colors for a good contrast. Have a look at the example scheme.