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For every LIMBAS user a ‘Layout’ is defined in the user settings ([Admin]->[User/Groups]->[Administrate]).

The available layouts in LIMBAS are located in the directory ./limbas_src/layout. For each ‘Layout‘ a sub directory is required. The name of the sub directory corresponds with the ‘Layout selection’ displayed in the User Administration. The files in each ‘Layout’ subdirectory describe, using CSS, the appearance of the LIMBAS screen elements. The colors, available for the LIMBAS screen elements, are defined by the selected Color Scheme.

The existing basic layouts ‘manta‘ and ‘octopus‘ might be overwritten when an update is performed. For changes or adjustments, it is therefore useful to create a new ‘Layout’. This is possible by creating a new subdirectory in the ./limbas_src/layout-directory, with the name of the new ‘Layout’. Copy the files of an existing ‘layout’ in the new created subdirectory and adjust them. Internally generated layouts remain unaffected when LIMBAS is updated.