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The Kanban module provides a clear view of the progress of a development process. The tasks (cards) receive a status (columns) that corresponds to one of the various steps of the process.

Create Kanban

A Kanban can be created as a Limbas table in a table group (see Create Table). Once created, desired states and tags can be configured. For this, an existing or newly created pool must be selected in the fields Status and Tags of the created table.

The data records of the pool are given the name of the status or tag as the value and optionally a color designation.


In the Table Settings (left picture) can be selected, to which criteria a search field should be displayed (here: Status and Tags). In addition, you can set whether active filters should be positioned at the top in the filter tab. The last checkbox indicates whether a standard text search (right image) should be displayed.

If for example Status has been selected, the to statuses (Doing and TO DO) can be selected as filters.

Here, TO DO has been selected as a filter and is therefore positioned in the filter tab at the top.