CalDAV Interface

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CalDAV is a cross-manufactur standard that allows you to synchronize calendars or appointments between different devices or applications. Limbas provides a CalDAV interface that supports the following features of the standard:

  • All-day or temporary appointments
  • Regular Schedule Repetitions: Set daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly recurring appointments.
  • Appointment Reminders: Reminders are displayed a specified amount of time before the appointment starts in the user’s calendar application. Reminders are automatically created in LIMBAS and linked to the appointment.


To set up CalDAV with different clients, the following LIMBAS data must be known:

  • <LIMBAS-URL>: The URL to the base of the LIMBAS installation, e.g. “”.
  • <LIMBAS-USER>: The name of the LIMBAS user, e.g. “admin” (the user of course must have the rights to access the calendar)

Thunderbird also requires the following information:

  • <CALENDER-ID>: The ID of the corresponding calendar or calendar table (see also Table Settings).

With CalDAV new appointments are synchronized intermittently or manually between different devices. Depending on the frequency of appointments, the synchronization interval can be set step by step to manual, every minute, every 5 minutes, every hour, etc.

Apple iOS

On iOS, the calendar can be set up as follows:

  1. Open “Settings” > “Mail,Contacts,Calendar” > “Add Account…” > “Other” > “Add CalDAV-Account”
  2. The address / URL is as follows (placeholder, as replaced by above): http://<LIMBAS-URL>/dependent/caldav/principals/<LIMBAS-USER>/
  3. All available calendars are now displayed and can be selected.
  4. Name of the calendar and the synchronization interval can be set up as preferred
  5. At last you are asked for your LIMBAS-Username and password


  1. In the Calendar area, right-click on “New Calendar”. Selection: “In the network”.
  2. Selection: Format “CalDAV”. Address (placeholders are replaced as specified above): “http://<LIMBAS-URL>/dependent/caldav/calendars/<LIMBAS-USER>/<KALENDER-ID/>”
  3. Name: Freely selectable, e.g. “LIMBAS Calendar”
  4. Lastly, you will be asked for your LIMBAS username and password

The synchronization interval can be set as follows: Right-click on the newly created calendar, click on “Properties”.


For Android, there are third-party apps that support CalDAV: CalDAV Sync Free, CalDAV-Sync. General installation instructions can be found on the pages of the respective manufacturer. It should be noted that the following address / URL is used in the settings for the calendar (placeholders are replaced like above):


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CalDAV Interface

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