Function “set_relation()”

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mixed set_relation(array $verkn);

Function to add or remove links (./limbas_src/gtab/gtab.lib).



  • Array generated with the function init_relation(), contains information about the data records that should be linked or unlinked.

Return Value:

  • False: No data records could be linked or no links could be removed, e.g. due to an invalid input parameter
  • Number greater than 0: Number of data records examined, to check whether they can be linked or the link can be removed.
  • Null: No data records were specified in the input parameter.


This example links the data record of the ID CONTACT_DAT_ID from the ‘Contacts’ table with the data record of ID CUST_DAT_ID of the ‘Customer’ table.

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Function “set_relation()”

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