Calendar Extensions

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Calendar extensions are added in the extension script “”.

The search criteria in the left column can be extended with a separate function. In the example, a form element ‘myname’ is added

$GLOBALS["gLmbExt"]["calSearchMenu"][$gtabid] = 'myFunction';

function myFunction(){
  echo "mysearchfield: <input type='text' name='myname'>";

Expand Menu

Extensions in the calendar menus. The rules are the same as for the menu extensions. This example extends the Tools menu.

function MyExt_MenuCalExtras($gtabid,$formid,&$gresult){
	pop_menu2("menuItemText",null,null,null,"cursor:pointer", "alert('hallo')");

	$gLmbExt["menuCalExtras"][52] = "MyExt_MenuCalExtras";


You can format any number of days as a whole. Useful for example to highlight holidays. Each day is added as a $tresult array in the extension script “”.

$bzm = 0;
$color = null;
$tresult[$bzm]["id"] = 0;
$tresult[$bzm]["title"] = 'Ostern';
$tresult[$bzm]["start"] = '2014-04-20';
$tresult[$bzm]["color"] = '#00aaaa';
$tresult[$bzm]["background"] =  "linear-gradient(to bottom, ".$GLOBALS['farbschema']['WEB13']." 20%, #00aaaa)";
$tresult[$bzm]["holiday"] = 1;
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Calendar Extensions

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