Function “display_dftyp()”

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string display_dftyp(array $gresult, numeric $gtabid, numeric $fieldid, numeric $ID, string [$class], string [$style], sting [$pos], numeric [$z_index], array[$event]);

Functional display of a table. The function takes into account ‘Formatting’, ‘Write’ and ‘Read’ access rights.


The transfer parameters are inserted, where needed, in the return array.


  • Database query result set. Generated by the get_gresult() function.


  • Table ID of the table


  • Field ID of the field


  • ID of the data record


  • css class to be assigned to the element


  • css style to be assigned to the element


  • css compliant position (top, left) where the element should be positioned absolutely.


  • css compliant zIndex, for the position of the element.


  • Events to which the element should respond
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Function “display_dftyp()”

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