Function “pool_select_update()”

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bool pool_select_update(numeric $gtabid, numeric $fieldid, numeric $ID, array $update_values);

This function allows editing entries from selection pools. These can be of type selection or attribute.


The transfer parameters are inserted, where needed, in the return array.


  • Table-ID of the table that contains the field with the link


  • Field-ID of the field with the link


  • ID of the record for which records from the linked table are to be added, deleted or displayed


  • Array containing the instructions. The array is structured as follows:
    • ‘action’ – action, a = add; d = delete; v = change attribute value
    • ‘wid’ – W_ID of the linked record from [LMB_SELECT_W]
    • ‘id’ – ID of the linked record from [LMB_SELECT_D] / [LMB_ATTRIBUTE_D]
    • ‘value’ – attribute value

You can specify the ID of the linked record (LMB_SELECT_D), the W_ID of the pool entry (LMB_SELECT_W) or both. If the pool’s “multiple mode” is activated, the ID is necessary for clear identification since pool entries can occur multiple times.


These examples should be applied to a table with ID 2 and its field with ID 3 as well as to the data record 123.