Function “lmb_reportCreatePDFtoDMS()”

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numeric lmb_reportCreatePDFtoDMS(numeric $report_id, numeric $ID, numeric $level=null, string $report_name=null, array $relation=null, array $gsr=null, array $filter=null)

Generates a single PDF report and archives it in the DMS. It can be linked to a single or multiple data records. Depending on the given parameters, different types of reports can be created.

Report types

Single report

Generating a single report from a single data record

Required parameters:

  • $report_id
  • $ID

Chained single reports

Generating multiple single reports and chaining them together to one report, filtered for search criteria $gsr and $filter

Required parameters:

  • $report_id
  • $gsr
  • $filter

List report

Generating a list report filtered for $gsr and $filter. A list report is defined by the parameter “list mode” in the report editor.

Required parameters:

  • $report_id
  • $gsr
  • $filter




Data record ID


Alternative folder where the document is supposed to be stored. If empty, the folder set in the report settings is used.


Alternative report name. If empty, the report name set in the report settings is used.


Array containing the link parameters defining what data records the report is supposed to be linked with.

  • relation[‘gtabid’][0] : Table ID
  • relation[‘fieldid’][0] : Field ID
  • relation[‘ID’][0] : Data record ID


Array containing the search criteria, see: get_gresult()


Array containing the filter criteria, see: get_gresult()

Return value

Data record ID of the generated document

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Function “lmb_reportCreatePDFtoDMS()”

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