Field Type Extension

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Field type extensions can be used to override field types with a custom functionality.
In this case, it is in principle no matter which field type is used, unless one wants to build on the basic properties of the field type.

Field Type Extensions are created with the help of functions in the file extensions →

The functions for creating a field type extensions are always named according to the same principle (see above). The function is always named lmbd_NameOfTheFieldTypeExtension or lmbd_NameOfTheFieldTypeExtension, in which lmbd stands for Detail and lmbc stands for List.

Integration of a Field Type Extension

Once a field type extension has been created in the file, it can now be applied to a field type. For this purpose, a new field type can be created or an existing field type can be used.

Then the created field type extension can be selected in the extension column.

After the field type extension has been applied to a field type, the current session must be reset by clicking on the reset button in order to make the changes visible.

In the following example, a field type extension is used to implement a button into a table and form, in this case to link to a website.

A new field called “TestButton” was then created for demonstration purposes and the associated field type extension “extendedEditButton” was assigned.

After a reset, the created button can now be found in the table. By clicking on the icon you will be redirected to the website in a new tab.