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A reminder in LIMBAS is linked to a data record and appears in your Media Menu on the right side on your screen. The creator of a reminder can activate it for himself and/or for other users. The Work Area for a reminder (Fig. 2) can be opened through the Media Menu or the User Function My PROFILE -> REMINDER.

Reminders are used for example when an operation cannot be completed because of missing information. Example: An invoice is prepared, but it still lacks a price information on a new product. Offer is sent to a customer. Set a Reminder to follow up with the customer.

Expand or collapse the Reminder with a click on the arrow

Fig.1: Reminder

Click on the text ‘REMINDER’ in the Media Menu and the Work Area displays a list of all available Reminders with the following information. Table, due date & time, creator, linked data set and a comment (optional).

Fig.2: Reminder Edit Menu

The record refers to the Reminder, when it should/has be edited, who created it, and, if available, an annotation text.

Create Reminder

To create a Reminder, edit the relevant data record (see To create a Reminder, edit the relevant data record (see EXTRAS->REMINDER).

Edit Reminder

Click at the date of the Reminder and the relevant data record will be opened in the Work Area.

Delete Reminder

You have 3 possibilities: Media Menu, Quick View, click on the Delete Icon (see right).

Work Area, click on the Trash Icon (see right). Record view (see Reminder).