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One click on the workplace opens all tables, forms and reports in the demo application.(->figure 1)

The screenshot shows a sample navigation menu in the demo version. In the left window you can see the sample CRM with its various tables. One click on one of the tables shows the data in the work-area as record list.(->figure 2)

Below each table entry there is always a menu item to create a new table entry, for example to create a new order. In addition you can place queries or reports for a table here. In the next window (demo tables)(->figure 3) the demo application includes the table “field type” in order to show the usage of the different field types. You can see the details in the edit view. The next item of the navigation menu, demo queries, shows a sample query of the tables “customers” and “orders”. The last window in the navigation menu of the demo application (Limbassys) shows system tables of Limbas.

Fig. 1
Fig. 2
Fig. 3