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The built-in LIMBAS calendar can be used as an individual calendar or as a group calendar. Calendar information is located at the right side of your screen in the Media Menu. Click on Calendar in the Media Menu and the calendar opens in the Work Area. Calendar / Events are displayed in the Work Area and in the Quick View.

Calendar Menu

Calendar Menu “Time frames”

view selection

Fig.: Search bar in calendar

The menu item view selection brings you to a calendar search window. Here you can search for the subject, the user or the creation date. In addition you can go to a precise date by double click on a date in the view selection.

View Mode

  • Gantt
    For example, if you have entered start 8 o’clock, end 10 o’clock and duration 30 min, 4 appointments are created for each selected day.
    Month/week/day are shown as gantt-chart (if activated by admin).
  • Agenda
    Month/week/day are shown as in a typical calendar.

Single click on an appointment opens an editing window with additional information for this event. This functionality is independent of the selected view.

Minutes per row

With the time frame, the grid size at the left side of the timeline can be selected.


The precision with which you can drag and drop appointments (in minutes).


If activated, weekends are shown.


The first/last time that is shown in the calendar.

Calendar Toolbar

Fig.: Calendar Toolbar

From left to right you see following symbols:

  1. Create appointment
  2. Show searchbar
  3. Gantt: Monthly-/weekly-/daily-view
  4. Agenda: Monthly-/weekly-/daily-view
  5. Basic: Weekly-/daily-view


Create Appointment

Click on the icon

to create a new appointment.

A pop-up window appears with all relevant input fields. The following example shows the LIMBAS Standard form. This may differ from the calendar form in your application.

Fig.: create appointment
  • Subject, this information will be displayed in your calendar (all views)
  • Start time and End time can be entered direct or selected using the Quick calendar
  • Color – appointment can be color coded
  • All day event will be shown in the ALL DAY line
  • Text box for additional information

Alternatively, you can create an appointment via

  • Shift click or double click at the calendar in the Work Area. A new window opens and the Subject can be entered. After click on the OK button, the appointment is created.
Fig.: create appointment

In the top right corner there is a link to create a recurring appointment. A click on it will show you the following window.

Fig.: Create calendar appointment series

To create a recurring appointment first type the start and end time of the appointment. The green cross at the end of the line opens a new line. Here you can type another appointment on the same day. In the next paragraph you click on the day of the week the appointment will be. In the last paragraph you finally set the start and end date of the recurring appointment. Press “save” to create the recurring appointment.
For example, if you have entered start 8 o’clock, end 10 o’clock and duration 30 min, 4 appointments are created for each selected day.

The grey area at the bottom of the window isn’t used for a recurring appointment and is therefore deactivated.

Edit Appointment

If you double-click on an appointment, the input window opens as already described. All data can be supplemented, edited and deleted.

Fig.: edit appointment

An existing appointment can be re-scheduled easily. Select the appointment, click left mouse button, hold it and move the appointment to the desired date/time.

Fig.: appointment

To change the duration of an appointment, click on the bottom border of the appointment, hold mouse button and move the cursor up or down.

Delete Appointment

To delete an appointment, double-click on the appointment to the input window (Fig.3) and press the ‘Delete’ button. The appointment will be deleted without further request.

Maintain Calendar via

A LIMBAS Calendar is also stored as a table. Like all the other data. Therefore you can edit appointments also in the Record List or Record View of a table.

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