Home Screen

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Home Screen

After logging into the LIMBAS Application the home screen appears. The structure of the home screen is the same in all LIMBAS Applications. The Menu commands vary depending on the application and authorization. The following example explains the different menus and how they can be adapted.

Explanation of the LIMBAS Home Screen

Displayed at the top of the screen, are details of which LIMBAS application and version is being used, and shows which user is logged in. With the arrow on the right top of the screen, the information can be minimized or maximized.


  1. Main Menu, left side – Application Functions
  2. Main Menu, right side – User Functions
  3. Navigation Menu
  4. Media Menu – right side of the screen
  5. Work area (Home screen at the beginning of a new session displays further technical information about your LIMBAS Application)
Home Screen

Personalize your Home Screen

You can adjust the width of the Navigation and Media Menus or completely hide them.

Hide Menu – click with the right mouse button within the Menu

Show Menu – click on the arrow at the top left or right corner of the screen – this arrow is visible only when the menu is hidden

Adjust the width – keep left mouse button pressed and move the mouse to the left or right

Application Functions

The WORKPLACE tab opens the Navigation Menu with all the user tables, forms and reports, that are required for your daily work. The TABLE TREE contains the same menu items of the workplace, structured according to technical aspects and is not relevant for the standard LIMBAS user.

User Functions

Depending on the selected User Function, the corresponding Navigation Menu will be displayed. Use MY PROFIL to change settings like colour scheme, currency, language etc. (also see Profile Settings). Details for ADMIN Functions, which are not available for most users, can be found in the Admin Documentation. INFO displays the same technical details about your LIMBAS Application as the Home Screen does. LOGOUT to sign out and close the session. RESET will set all values back to default, including User Rights and User Variables and LIMBAS Programs. If the administrator expands your User Rights, any changes will only be available for you after you have clicked RESET.

Choose your LIMBAS Application functions and corresponding tables

expanded – all tables for this function will be shown

collapsed – only the function button is shown

expanded – all available forms will be shown

collapsed – forms for this table are not shown

Quick Search

Using the search field, the navigation menu can be searched for a term, e.g. a table name. This is useful, for example, for a large number of tables. If you press the Enter key while searching and the search term only applies to one element of the menu, it will be opened directly.

Work Area

In this pane your data will be displayed and edited. After you start your LIMBAS Application, in the Work Area you see your Home Screen. Here you can see not only technical information, there are also several links to further information e.g. Credits | Release | HELP HELP is linked to the WIKI Documentation.


With the Media Menu you can easily access the Calendar, Reminder and File Manager.

expanded – shows todays calendar events, reminders or files…

collapsed – todays calendar events, reminders or files will not be shown

delete – a reminder or a file

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