Manual Installation

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This installation guide assumes that a functioning web server, PHP >= 8.1, and PostgreSQL database (alternatively MySQL) have already been set up.

The following software packages are required at minimum:

  • postgresql-server or mysql
  • apache
  • php
  • php-pdo
  • php-pgsql or php-mysql
  • php-mbstring
  • Apache mod_rewrite Modul

An empty PostgreSQL database must be created before installing Limbas.

postgres=# create user {limbasuser} password '{limbasuserPW}';
postgres=# create database {limbasdb} WITH ENCODING 'UTF-8' LC_COLLATE 'C' LC_CTYPE 'C' OWNER {limbasuser} template template0;

The following adjustments should be made in the php.ini:

max_input_vars = 10000

The following adjustments should be made in the apache configuration:

<Directory "{your path}/openlimbas/public">
AllowOverride All
Options FollowSymlinks

Afterward, the downloaded Limbas tar archive needs to be extracted into the Apache HTML directory.

The “dependent” folder must recursively have Apache write permissions.

chown -R apache dependent

The domain root must be set to the /openlimbas/public/ folder.

Now, the installation script can be accessed via the following URL: http://[url]/openlimbas/public/install/

Follow the steps on the installation page.

Once the installation is complete, you can log in using the default credentials:

User: admin
Password: limbas
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Manual Installation

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