Docker Installation

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Usage (docker-compose, including PostgreSQL)

> git clone
> cd limbas-docker
> docker-compose up

Limbas will be available for usage at http://localhost:8000

User: admin Pass: limbas

Usage (with your custom database)

> docker pull limbas/limbas
> docker run -p 8000:80 limbas/limbas

Connecting the Limbas container and your database container is up to you.

Limbas will be available for configuration at http://localhost:8000/install/

Environment Variables

The Limbas image uses environment variables, especially for the database connection. All variables are optional.


(default: postgres) This environment variable defines the type of the database used.


(default: limbas_pgsql) This environment variable is the host of the database to connect to.


(default: empty) This environment variable is the port used by the database host.


(default: openlimbas) This environment variable is the name of the database.


(default: limbasuser) This environment variable is the username used to connect to the database.


(default: limbaspass) This environment variable is the password used to connect to the database.

Build your own Limbas image

To create a customised Limbas image, please use the full source code. There you will find the corresponding Docker files.

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Docker Installation

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